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Fourth Of July Fire Danger…..

Here in Southern Utah we enjoyed one of the wettest Winters in memory.  This is great for our water stores!  One of the negatives to our climate is that we normally enjoy hot, dry, often windy summer days.  The past couple of weeks have been no exception.  The problem is that when combined with a really wet Spring and Winter we have a lot of vegetation that is drying out more with each passing day.

The crux of the blog is to be careful when you’re out and about on this long Holiday weekend!  Take precautions to make sure that any campfires are not just out, but are cold before you leave them unattended.  Some of the largest Wildfires in history have been caused by campfires that people thought they had extinguished only to have the wind fan the embers back into flames.

Those that own homes, make sure that the weeds are cut back from your houses and that your lawns are sufficiently watered before lighting off fireworks.  This year in Utah we have had a change in the firework laws that allow for some of the airborne fireworks to be used legally.  This means that you have to make sure that you direct these fireworks towards a safe area, better yet, go to a school or a large paved parking lot to set them and other fireworks off.

The thing about Southern Utah is that it is beautiful, often windy, but beautiful.  With the wind, it only takes a second of negligence to cause a catostrophic fire!!  It should really go without saying,that you make sure that little ones are properly supervised!  We don’t want any of our young people burned and scarred because of a lack of supervision!  All this being said, Have a fun and safe weekend!


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