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Giving Thanks…..

I know that a business blog is typically not the place to post blogs like this one.  I do feel that it is import to stop and be Thankful every once in awhile.  That and I just have some thoughts rolling around in my head that I wanted to get out.  This August my Graduating Class from High School is having a reunion.  I, for one, am really looking forward to the reunion.  Sure I have kept in touched with my closest friends from High School, but the reality is that Cedar City is about 250 miles from Woods Cross, where I grew up and went to school.

The reunion organizers have set up a group on Facebook.  They have been busy connecting with old classmates.  They have also been posting a lot of old photos, so it has really been fun to steal away to memory lane every so often.  Facebook has also made it easy to keep up with news of our former classmates.  Sadly, we lost one of our classmates over the weekend to Cancer.

I won’t pretend that Craig was one of my closest friends.  We had several classes together, and like a lot of teenagers spent too much time during those classes goofing off and or joking around.  I remember that I sat next to him during Mr. Nelson’s 11th grade History.  It was an easy class to goof off in!  He was a nice guy, easy going and friendly to everyone.

He was much too good of a person to have suffered through Cancer, but then, in my experience, that is exactly who seems to suffer through that horrible disease!  Maybe it is something about them, they are able to handle it or something, what I do know is that we need to figure out a cure for that disease!

What I really have learned in the past few weeks is that Facebook is really a great, social tool.  I know that many feel that it imperative for the business of Real Estate, it is that.  I have a business or fan page for our Real Estate.  What it really has done is allow me to reconnect with old friends and find new friends.  As I have been thinking the past day or two about my own mortality I had sort of an epiphany, I have had some great blessings in my life!

Throughout my life there have been people who have helped me to become who I am today.  Sure not everyone who has crossed my path has been good, nor has everyone who has influenced my life for good became my best friends.  Sometimes they were just a guy that sat next to me in Mr. Nelson’s History class!  I am very thankful for each and every person in my life!  I am sure that I have learned something very valuable from each and every one of you!


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