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Good Sunday with some Good Friends…..

I wanted to write a post about two of our best friends, they are our dogs.  There is something about dogs that bring out the best in you.  They just love you, and protect you.  We have had Moira as part of our family for 10 years.  She is getting older now and isn’t as active as she used to be.  She still rules the roost and our protector.



We have had Kobi in our family for 6 years.  He thinks that he is part cat, it is not at all unusual to see him walking along the back of the couch or climbing up on the window sills to look out at the world.  He is also our protector, it is not unusual to find him asleep at the door, where he controls entry.  He is our little pretty boy, and treat hound!


They really have made our lives much better!  I remember when the dog that I had as a youngster died thinking that I didn’t want another dog again.  Now I can’t imagine how empty our lives would be without these two!  It is amazing how much pets, in our case, dogs can add to the quality of a person’s life!


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