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Hats Off to the Utah Shakespeare Festival!!!!!

In a time when it is so easy to point out what an institution and people do things that are wrong, I would like to point out one that is doing a very good thing.  The Utah Shakespeare Festival is hosting a Military Appreciation Night.

Tonight and tomorrow night anyone with a current Military ID can get free tickets to the play “Noises Off.”  This is even a better deal, up to 5 additional family members also get in for free!  This isn’t a discount.  This is free admission for up to 6 people!  What a great thing to do!

I don’t normally like to stack blog posts.  I have been trying to keep at least a 4 hour window between postings, but when an organization does something like that, they need to be recognized for their generosity!  I also wanted this to get out so that as many people who qualify can attend.

Thank you to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, and an even bigger Thank you to our Military Men and Women!

For more information: http://www.bard.org


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