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Life and Business Lessons that I Learned from Reading Louis L’Amour…Education


The lesson that I wanted to talk about in this lesson really comes more from Louis L’Amour’s writing method and then from his autobiography, “Education of a Wandering Man”.  His principle characters are generally very intelligent, and thirst for more knowledge.

In many of his novels he points out just how rare the printed word was in many parts of the Old West.  His characters have a hunger and thirst to read whatever they can find.  In his autobiography he often refers to his library as the “Well of Knowledge” and something that he would often dip into that well.


It was a selling point of his novels that he knew the terrain where his stories took place.  He knew that canyons and springs of water were located where he said they were.  In “Education of a Wandering Man” he talks of turning down people who offered to do his research for him, it was, in his words, his favorite part of the writing process, and something that he didn’t want to miss out on.

Louis L’Amour also pointed out in many of his fictional stories that there are all kinds of education, from hands on, mentoring, as well as classroom work.  Too often society will look down on someone that doesn’t read well or hasn’t a degree from a University as ignorant. 


What an intolerant point of view!  Years ago, I worked with an amazing man.  He was not a man of words.  He struggled to read and write, yet I have met very few men that were as smart as he was with anything mechanical.  I didn’t matter what it was; if he took it apart, he could diagnose the problem and fix it. 

He may have been unread, but he was certainly incredibly intelligent.  He also had the most important kind of an education, he is able put what he knew to use!  That is the challenge that we face all the time in Real Estate. Most of us know what to do and how to do it, the question is, do we do it?  Do we keep up on new trends, new technology or even old technology?  Do we work constantly on our people skills?


The things that I have written about in this series will change your lives.  They are age old, and yet they are still lacking in today’s World.  I could have written another post on treating people in a manner that you would like to be treated in yet another post, but as I looked at the posts and subjects that I have written about, I figured that would take care of it’s self.

We need to incorporate all of the Character Traits that I have highlighted in Louis L’Amour’s books to make sure that we represent our client’s interests and protect them.  It is our responsibility or duty, to make sure that everything is done the right way and that our clients are not hurt or taken advantage of.


None of the Traits that I have discussed in these posts are unique to Louis L’Amour’s novels.  They are as old as the written word, and are the basis for most religions. 

How much better off would the World be if everyone incorporated these 7 topics into their lives.  I will be honest, I need to improve my adherence to these concepts, and I know that I would be better off.  Here is the list of Character traits that I described in my posts.  

1.   Hard Work

2.   Living by Your Word

3.   Stand for Something

4.   Loyalty

5.   Duty

6.   Respect

7.   Always be learning

Life and Business Lessons that I Learned by Reading Louis L’Amour

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