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Living in Cedar City…New Planes…

The Cedar City Airport had an article in the local weekly paper stating that Skywest Airlines is no longer using the Turbo Prop airplanes to fly people in and out of the Cedar City Airport.  They are now only going to use the small passenger jets that have 50 seats.  The Turbo Prop airplanes currently seat 30 passengers.

This is an advantage to those wishing to fly to and from Cedar City in a couple of ways.  First they are faster, the 50 minute flight to Salt Lake City now will take 40 minutes.  The other benefit is comfort and noise reduction to the passengers.  The new passenger jets are also said to be quieter to those not flying (those living or working at or near the airport).

The article mentioned that the Cedar City Airport contributes just over $22 million to the local economy.  I honestly had no idea that it would have been anywhere near that much of an economic windfall.  The new terminal was built 6 years ago and the runways were recently redone just over two years ago, so it is like we have a brand new airport!

The number of passengers using the Cedar City Airport has been increasing over the past couple of years, and with the change of planes, it is expected to continue that increase.  There are some benefits to flying out of Cedar City, first, parking is free.  Skywest Airlines has worked with the airport to create more customer friendly flight times.

The Cedar City Airport is also very centrally located, less than 3 miles from downtown, Southern Utah University and it is very much and easy connection to Interstate 15 if you are continuing along on a vacation to one of our beautiful National Parks, or picking someone up at the airport.  We are pretty excited about this change in planes so to speak!


Cedar City Airport

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