Woods Cross, Bountiful, West Bountiful and Surrounding Areas

Living in Southern Utah…..

Darcy and I have contemplated moving several times.  We have lived in Iron County for nearly 12 years, before that we lived in Las Vegas, Nevada for 10 months and prior to that we lived in Lemoore, California for 7 months, so as you can see, we have spent most of our married lives in Iron County.  I have roots here, My Mother was born in Parowan, and lived there until she and my father were married, they then moved to Northern Utah where jobs were much more plentiful eventually settling in Woods Cross, Utah.  My Father was also from Southern Utah, this was  a place that holds many fond memories from my childhood.

Darcy is a Southern California girl, born in Los Angeles County where she lived most of her life prior to our getting married.  This is the background as to why we have considered leaving Southern Utah.  Real Estate opportunities are greater in either Northern Utah or Southern California as are other job opportunities.  Don’t get me wrong, I found much to like in Southern California, in fact I love Northern San Diego County, Oceanside is one of our favorite places to go to get away from things.  I also love Northern Utah, I have many friends living up there, it was a great place to be a kid.  I still feel like I have come home when we exit Interstate 15 at either 500 or 2600 South, and turn West into Woods Cross.  So it would be easy to live in either place.  I absolutely love the weather and conveniences of Southern California, the traffic, not so much!

What neither place has is this:


Scenic Southern Utah/Boulder Mountain from Highway 12


Scenic Southern Utah/Red Canyon


Scenic Southern Utah/Boulder Mountain from Highway 24


Scenic Southern Utah/Cedar City from Cedar Mountain


Scenic Southern Utah/Parowan Canyon

As much as I like Northern Utah and Southern California, they just don’t offer the solitude and scenery that we enjoy here in the Southern part of the State.  As long as we can, this will be where we call home!

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