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Monday’s Motivational Thought…On Tuesday

This is a post that I tried for over an hour yesterday to upload a photo into, finally, frustrated I left it in draft mode hoping that today I would be able to post it!  I was able to post it on the 6th attempt.  I tried uploading in 3 different browsers, Chrome, Firefox and Explorer.  Finally in uploaded in Chrome on the second time around the circuit.  I hope that Active Rain was having issues and this doesn’t become a common occurrance!

I know that it is getting late in the afternoon on Monday, but I wanted to write something to post today.  It is great to get back into a routine.  Not that anything about this industry is actually routine!  This is a profession that requires changes on the fly and thinking on your feet.  

I did come across a great quote by Theodore Roosevelt:

“It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”

What a great quote!  You will find it hard to get back onto the horse that bucked you off, if you had never gotten on the horse in the first place!  This is the great regrets that we face as we grow older, the opportunities that we haven’t taken advantage of, or rather the things that we have never tried!

It is impossible to know what you’re capable of accomplishing anything without trying it out first.  Even when you fail, you keep trying to succeed, it will amaze you what you can accomplish, after you fail at something! 


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