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More Scenic Southern Utah……

As you may know, I like to showcase my part of the State to attract visitors and people looking to relocate to our slice of Heaven. Southern Utah is a desert water is normally an issue, although this year is one of the exceptions! We enjoy a low crime rate and from a report that Darcy showed me today, a very reasonable Cost of Living Index according to ACCRA. The Cedar City Micro area is showing a Cost of Living of 88.1 of the national average.

That is a good number but when added to some of the other things that we have to offer, it is great! See what I mean:


Looking towards Zion National Park from Hwy 9


Another shot from the Springdale Zion National Park area from Hwy 9


Kolob Reservoir


Looking Towards Cedar Breaks from Cedar Mountain Kolob Reservoir Road


Duck Creek Village Taken last Summer, the last I heard, there was still a lot of snow there!


Cedar Breaks this was also taken in the Fall, there is still a lot of snow there as well!

As you can see, we have a lot of great scenery to take in. The best part is, all of these photos were taken less than an hours drive from Cedar City! We do have a lot to offer, and again looking at the ACCRA cost of living index, our housing prices are 72.9% of the national average. There are still some great bargains to be had! That and we do enjoy all 4 Seasons of the year, so there is a variety of things to do!

If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Cedar City, Utah; please give us a call. We would love to earn your business!

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