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Parowan Area Happenings…Ancient Seasonal Observations….

The Winter Solstice observance at the Parowan Gap begins tomorrow at approximately 7:30 AM and continues at that time until Monday. (Remember that Daylight Savings Time ends Saturday night so Sunday and Monday will be at 8:30 AM.)

By positioning yourself on the West side of the Parowan Gap you will see the sun rise and enter the mouth profile of the West Face of the Parowan Gap.  The Parowan Gap is believed to have been an observatory used by the Ancient Inhabitants of the area.  I have several other posts about the Parowan Gap.

It is a place and a subject that I really like to study and talk about.  This is a unique opportunity to see what the Ancient Inhabitants saw.  I have discussed what the Parowan Gap is believed to have been to the pre historic people in this area.


Parowan Gap Petroglyphs


Another View of the Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

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