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Parowan Localism Post…Parowan Drug Store…

Parowan Drug and Gift is a great boon to the residents of Parowan.  Prior to it’s arrival, the residents had to travel to Cedar City to pick up their prescriptions.  There was a store that would receive the prescriptions from one of the pharmacies in Cedar City once or twice a week there in Parowan for it’s customers.  For the past 8 years or so, the residents have been able to talk to a pharmacist, and get their prescriptions filled right in Parowan.

It also has several gift type items as well as books etc. 

This is a great store for a small town, it save is customers a lot of unnecessary travel to Cedar City.  It also make sense in that there are two clinics in Parowan with Doctors to see, so it makes sense that there also would be a pharmacy to allow those prescriptions to be filled! 

Parowan Drug and Gift is located at 20 North Main Street in Parowan.  The Phone Number is (435) 477-3000.


Parowan Drug and Gift

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