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Some Positive Things in Our Area…..

Yesterday at our weekly office meeting we had Cedar City Mayor Joe Burgess come and give us a short state of the City address.  It was interesting, he mentioned the public works projects that the City is and is planning to undertake in the short term.  There are some good projects coming.  He also talked about acquiring more water rights for the city’s use.  He also told us that for this year and last year sales tax revenues were up, this is a great economic sign for any community!

The most exciting stuff that he sort of talked about was the future of the business outlook.  There are a couple of firms that are looking to do some large expansion projects as well as a few businesses that are looking to relocate to the Cedar City area.  He didn’t name names or a lot of details, but if just a couple of them come with the job creation projections that they bring, do come it will really be a positive impact on the future of Cedar City.

Like I said, no one wants to begin counting the chickens before they hatch, so I don’t know which companies are even negotiating with the City to relocate.  The general numbers that the Mayor had with each of these companies will really be great!  We are excited to see if these come to fruition.  The Mayor did mention that the important thing to the City was to maintain the style of life that we currently enjoy here in Cedar City.  So we’re keeping our fingers crossed!


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