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Real Estate & Earthquakes…Important Financial Information

This good advice for anyone to do whether you are planning for an earthquake or any other emergencies that may come up.  Here is a list of documents and items you will want to secure.  You may want to consider purchasing a fireproof safe or renting a safety deposit box to house these items.

Here are some things that you will want to have in a secure location:

Birth Certificates: at least have certified copies for everyone in the household.

Marriage license/divorce documents: have copies of any child custody agreements.

Passports and drivers licenses:  At least have a copy of your driver’s license and it is a good idea to keep your passport in a secure location.

Social Security Cards:  Self explanatory.

Military and Veteran’s Paperwork:

Critical Medical information:  Document any health conditions for anyone in the household.

Emergency Cash: In an emergency, most stores will become cash only stores to purchase items.  It is good to have some emergency funds.

Certificates for Stocks and Bonds: Again this is pretty self explanatory, this is stuff that you want to have in a secure place anyway.

Bank Statements: Again this is something that you will want in a secure location anyway.

Credit Card Numbers: You may lose the cards during an emergency, it is good to have the numbers and contact information for each of the cards.

Insurance Policy: Again you will want to have copies of all of your insurance policies.

An Inventory of your household possessions:  This is important for insurance purposes.  This may also come in handy in case someone loots your house, the police will require proof of ownership to release your stolen items back to you.

An Appraisal of any valuables: This is pretty self explanatory.

Home Improvement records: This is also important.

A Back up of all important computer files:  This is important to do for your files at work as well.

A list of all contacts:  You will want to have a list of your most important contacts, both business and personal.  Include phone numbers and addresses.

Deeds and Titles: Have ownership paperwork of all of the vehicles, boats and other toys.

Powers of Attorney: Include any health care powers of attorney.

Wills or Trusts Documents:  Again this is pretty self explanatory.


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