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Real Estate & Earthquakes…Make Plans Part 3

In my last post I talked about having 72 hour survival kits.  Everyone in the house should have one of these.  These should be placed in a backpack or some other container that is portable and easy to grab.  Some of the things to put in the kit are:

Medications, a list of prescription that you take, copies of medical insurance cards, doctors and contact information.

Medical consent forms for minor children

First aid Kit and Handbook

Spare glasses, personal hygiene supplies, and sturdy shoes.

Bottled water, a whistle (to assist rescuers to find you), emergency cash, personal identification.  Emergency contact information.

Snack foods that are high in calories.  Emergency lighting, glow sticks or flashlights with extra batteries and light bulbs.  Plus games, books, writing materials, teddy bears anything to comfort and help pass the time

There should also be household (for lack of a better word) survival kit which may include:

Drinking water, a minimum of 1 gallon per person per day.  First aid supplies, medications and hygiene items (soap, toothpaste and brushes, toilet paper etc.).  Emergency lighting.

A hand cranked or batter operated radio with extra batteries.

Canned and packaged foods, cooking utensils remember a hand operated can opener.

Items to protect you from the elements, warm clothing, shoes, socks blankets and if possible a tent.

Heavy duty plastic bags. (they can be used as rain ponchos, tarps and places to put your waste.)

Work gloves, shovels, protective goggles, saws if possible tools to help dig and get people out of rubble.

Pet food and restraints for them.

Copies of all of your vital documents, emergency cash etc.

These lists are just lists of suggestions.  Feel free to add what you know that you will need to survive for the short term.  Remember to rotate all perishable food items and batteries each year.


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