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Real Estates and Earthquakes….The Rest of The House…

I have talked about the main rooms of the house but there are some areas that I have left out, the utility room, the garage and other areas.  First I would like to talk about the other components of your house.  It is a good idea to have a plumber check your existing water and gas lines and have them replace any week or rusty pipes.

You may also want to have a plumber replace all of the rigid gas connections to your stove, water heater and dryer with flexible connectors.  You may also want the plumber to replace the rigid water lines into the water heater with flexible connections.  They also make shut off valves for the flexible pipes, have the plumber install one of these in each of the gas supply lines to in your home.

While we have been talking about water heaters, let’s also remember to attach the earthquake straps to secure the water heater to the wall studs. These kits are available in any home improvement store.  In an earthquake the vast majority of fires occur when gas lines are ruptured and come in contact with an ignition source.  The earthquake straps will help prevent the water heater from tipping over.

The Garage is another place that we can organize to optimize safety.  Many of us store a can of gasoline in the garage for the lawn mower.  We also may have other flammable or hazardous materials in the garage.  Store them near the floor in a secure area, making sure not to store things that may fall and rupture the containers.


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