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Riverwalk Grill and Steakhouse

This past weekend we went with Darcy’s Parents to the Riverwalk Grill and Steakhouse in St. George.  It was a dining experience that I highly recommend to anyone!  The food was so delicious, the service was great and the ambience is cozy and quaint.  (That means that it is fairly small dining room).

The Riverwalk Grill is located at the Sun River Golf Course and features some of the finest food that I have ever eaten!  It was good enough that Darcy’s father said that he would drive from Victorville, California to eat there again.

I enjoyed Shrimp Alfredo, which was excellent, Darcy had the Filet Mignon Oscar, she let me sample the Filet, it was the tastiest filet that I can remember enjoying.  Chef Imi Kun came out to ensure that the food was good and wished my in-laws a Happy Anniversary.  He was very friendly and wow, can he serve up some delicious food!!

This is honestly a Restaurant that is top shelf in every aspect that I can think of!  I don’t pretend to be a food or restaurant critic, but I do know what I like.  I liked the entire experience!

This isn’t an inexpensive restaurant, the entrées range in price from $19 to $60, which isn’t the most expensive place that I have ever dined, but certainly not a price range that we could eat out there on a weekly basis.  It is however, my new “special occasion” favorite place to eat.  I felt that the food was worth the price and then some!  You do need a reservation, but you can book your reservation on www.opentable.com.

The restaurant also has a web site: www.riverwalkgrill.net.  Seriously, if you’re in the area or from the area and are looking for a special place to dine, Riverwalk Grill is certainly worth trying out!

Here is what the food looks like:


Surf and Turf for Two


Filet Mignon Oscar


Jumbo Shrimp and Fetuccini

Are you hungry yet?  I know that I am!

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