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Saturday’s Musings….Wet Weather=Flood Concerns….

To begin this post let me say that our thoughts and prayers go out to those who are being subjected to the devastation of tornados, fires and all other disasters! We can at least do some preparation, unlike many of our friends whose lives have suddenly had tragedy thrust into them!

Here in Utah we are waiting for the Spring runoff to be over.  We are hoping that it is a nice gradual snow pack melt and run off, that being said; we will be extremely fortunate if we get out of this without serious flooding.  Here in Cedar City, we still have the remnants of the last wet year, Lake Quichipa; I think that is how it is spelled.  The problem this year is that the ground is a lot more saturated than it was when the flood re-created that lake a couple years ago.

Statewide, we are looking at snow depths that are still more than double what we normally have.  Being a native of Utah, I was just out of High School when we had the floods of 1983.  State Street, a major road in downtown Salt Lake City became a sandbagged banked river, temporary bridges were built to cross from Interstate 15 to the East side of that part of Salt Lake City.

State Street wasn’t the only major roadway that became submerged in Salt Lake City, North Temple Street and 1300 South Streets were also under water.  I, myself, was directly impacted by the North Temple Waterway, I had to drive a couple of miles out of my way and circle back to the place where I was working on North Temple.  It was something that I honestly never thought, and quite frankly hoped that I would never see again. 

I can’t say what the economic impact to the State and those businesses were, and I haven’t even brought up the mud slides and their devastation.  This caused such an impact that State Highway 6 in Utah County was permanently re routed over the massive mud slide in Thistle Canyon. 

I remember a Sunday afternoon in which all of the men in our Church Congregation from Woods Cross, spent shoveling mud and water out of homes of people that lost nearly everything in the flood and mudslide.  I still have no idea who the owner of the home that I worked in, it didn’t matter then nor will it ever!

It is an interesting dilemma, we need as much water as we can get, we live in a desert, but too much too soon is nearly as bad as not getting enough! 


A shot from Zion National Park showing some snow still left there as well!

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