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Southern Utah History…Butch Cassidy and the Shoot out…


This is another in my series on Butch Cassidy, since I was in Moab with the last story, I will stick with that area.  This like many of the stories that I have about Butch Cassidy, came from my father.  I mentioned that my father knew many people that either knew Butch Cassidy, or the people that participated in the story.



Butch Cassidy was generally liked by those who knew him.  The Lawmen at the time, were the exception to this.  It wasn’t uncommon for Butch and his gang to go into a town for a drink or to spend their ill gotten gains.  This story has him in Moab, the town Marshall knew it and tried to arrest him. 



A good Old West shootout ensued with Butch being trapped inside of a building.  With no way out of the building but to go out front and get on his horse and ride away.  He like Billy The Kid, calmly walked to his horse, climbed into the saddle and walked his horse down the street, bullets flying past him.



Once at the end of town, he spurred his horse into a gallop and rode away, apparently unscathed by the shootout in town. 



The side note to this story is that in the 1940’s and 1950’s when my dad was working near Moab, some of the older buildings in town still had the bullet holes in the windows.  The building owners rather than replace the windows, they just put another pane of glass behind the original windows.



I have been to Moab, I just have never taken the time to see if this is still true.  It is one of those things that I never think of until I am back home!  I need to make a schedule to see if the bullet holes are there the next time that I get over there!



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