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Southern Utah History…Outlaw With Boundaries???…

I am going to continue this series, mainly because I like writing this series.  This is another of my Butch Cassidy stories.  This story occurred in Moab, Utah.  A little background to Butch Cassidy, no one can prove that he ever killed anyone, in fact the only documented person that he shot was his younger brother Dan.  He told a Catholic Priest in Wyoming that if he had never killed anyone, that taking someone’s life was the one thing that couldn’t be repaid nor restored.


This story starts in one of the bars in Moabin the Fall of the year.  A local rancher came in buying a round for everyone exclaiming to the bartender to keep them coming, he had been so successful with his ranch that even the Lord Jesus Christ couldn’t touch his wealth.  A man sitting at the back of the saloon stood up and left without collecting the free drink.


A year went by and the man was back in Moab, begging for work.  One of the men who knew the man well asked him what happened to his ranch, livestock and money.  The man replied to his friend, that it was all gone, someone rustled every animal he had but his saddle horse over the Summer.  His friend then said, you said that you were loaded with money, he said that someone broke into his cabin while he was out looking for his livestock and found where he had hidden his gold and took all his cash.


The friend then said to the rancher, that it was odd, none of the other ranches had lost any stock nor had any problems with thieves.  The rancher’s friend then asked, you mean they didn’t leave you anything? they took it all? The now broke Rancher produced a note from his pocket, no, they left me this note where my gold was stashed.  The note said, “In the future you would be wise to take care how you use the Lord’s name.”  It was signed Butch Cassidy.

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