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Southern Utah History…The Mormon Battalion….

The Mormon Battalion is still the only religiously based unit in the history of the United States Military.  They were a group of between 534 and 559 men that marched from Council Bluffs, Iowa, ending some 1900 miles later in San Diego, California.  The march took place from July 1846 to January 1847, although their service lasted until July 1847. 

Some of their achievements were establishing a Southern Route to California, they also by their presence helped to quell the mutiny that John C Fremont had going in California, some of it’s members escorted him back East for his court martial.  One of the biggest events was that many of the Battalion members were at Sutter’s Mill when gold was dicovered. 

Their march was one of the longest, if not the longest in US Military history, most importantly was the money that they were paid helped finance the Mormon Pioneer immigration to the Salt Lake Valley from Nebraska.


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