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Southern Utah History…The Spanish Trail….

The Spanish Trail was a trade route from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California.  It seems strange with today’s highway system that The Spanish Trail would have come as far North as Southern Utah, but it did.  The Spanish Trail saw most of it’s usage between 1829 and 1848.  Much of the Spanish Trail follow the trails of the Prehistoric Native tribes. 

The Spanish Trail entered what is now Utah near Monticello Utah in Southeastern Utah, continued up through the area of Moab then on to Green River Utah.  From there it followed what is now I70 continued was until it hit the Sevier River then followed it in a Southwest direction, crossing through Iron County through what is now Paragonah, Parowan and Summit, then it crossed the Valley and continued through the mountains down near Enterprise and finally exiting the State into Nevada.

Parts of the trail have been obliterated with newer roads and buildings, but at it’s time it was a major player in the history of the Southwest. 


This is a rough Sketch of the Spanish Trail from Santa Fe to Los Angeles.  Not to any scale.


This is the Valley that the Spanish Trail crossed West of Cedar City as it neared the town of Enterprise, Utah

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