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Southern Utah Localism Post…Historic Photographs…

This event has been an ongoing event and one that because of a few factors, I have been hesitant to include into my blogging.  The main factor has been the closure of State Road 14 which is the most direct, free access from the Cedar City area to Mt. Carmel.  You can access Mt. Carmel through Zion National Park, but you have to pay the entrance fee to the Park.

The other routes are at best circuitous; State Road 20 to State Road 89 then South to Mt. Carmel or State Road 59 into Arizona and then to Kanab and North on State Road 89.  The more that I have thought about this exhibit, the more convinced that I had to mention it.  It sounds like a fascinating subject to explore!  Maybe a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these photographs!

The Thunderbird Foundation for the Arts will present Utah Tribes: “Myself in the Water” – Photographs by John K. Hillers from the John Wesley Powell Expedition of 1872. This is only the second large-scale exhibition of these rare, original prints since the Foundation obtained them in 1999.

Utah Tribes: “Myself in the Water” held 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Saturday on Highway (State Road) 89, 2000 State Street, Mt Carmel, UT. For information call Paul 800-992-1066 or visit : http://www.thunderbirdfoundation.com/utah-tribes.cfm.

This event continues every Monday through Friday, until December 31st so there is time to see it, but it does sound like a great event to view these rare photographs!


We have a storm coming in, so I must be focussing a little on clouds!


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