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Southern Utah’s History…Butch Cassidy…

One of the advantages to being born to parents who are older is that you have a quicker link to history.  The negative is that you’re usually lose your parents long before you run out of the need for their advice!  Such is my life, as I have mentioned in earlier my father was born and raised in Torrey, Utah.  The thing about Torrey is that it is on the edge of the Robbers Roost Country.  That was Butch Cassidy’s hide out. 


The Robbers Roost is a vast area of canyons and broken country that is easy to get lost in, it is also very dry country, so if you don’t know where the water is, you don’t last long and the outlaws knew where the water is, so they had a network of hideouts around water where they could hole up and wait for the heat to die off.  Where it is cool to have been born to older parent is my dad knew people that had known Butch Cassidy.


I know that the Movie says that Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid died in a shootout in Bolivia, but there is more evidence to the contrary than there is to prove that it happened like that.  There are facts that will always tie Butch Cassidy to Southern Utah, he was born in Beaver, Utah and raised in Circleville, Utah.  His life of crime began in Southern Utah, he was our Robbin Hood.


This idea for this blog came from an article in The Deseret News on June 25th of this year that a rare book dealer had purchased a manuscript written by a William Phillips of Spokane Washington called “The Bandit Invincible, the Story of Butch Cassidy”  Another book, “In Search of Butch Cassidy was written by Larry Pointer in the 1970’s.  It uses this manuscript as the basis for the book, Mr. Pointer says that the manuscript was biographical but rather auto biographical. 


The things is, that my dad grew up listening to some people tell first hand stories of Butch Cassidy, so I have some that have been told before and other that may not have been.  The other side note is that my mother knew first hand the only man that Butch Cassidy ever shot, his younger brother Dan.  So from time to time, I may sprinkle a little oral Southern Utah History here!

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