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Sunday’s Musings…..

Sunday has almost passed, I love this time of year  Especially when it isn’t snowing!  It has yet to really got hot here.  Just some observations from the week that is now passed.  We spent many hours the past couple of days at the Business Expo.  We got to meet with some wonderful people.  It was interesting to watch people walk past, the ones that didn’t want any contact with Realtors.  They walked past ignoring us, even though we had a couple of nice drawings.  It was like they were afraid that we were going to pull them in and make them buy a house on the spot.

We even allowed them to enter the drawings and completely opt out of further contact from us other than to say whether they won the gift certificate at one of the best steak houses in Southern Utah.  Oh well, no skin of our backs!  If they don’t wish to talk to us, that is still there choice!

I also am amazed how portable and necessary portable technology is.  Whether it’s the smart phone, Ipad, lap top with a hot spot device etc.  It is fun to do business on the fly!  The other thing that I 


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