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Sunday"s Thought…….

After visiting Zion National Park yesterday I got thinking how easily things are taken for granted.  My Great-Great Grandfather Isaac Behunin is credited for given Zion Canyon it’s name.  He was the first modern settler in that beautiful area.  The Zion Lodge is located where his cabin was originally located.  

My Great-Grandfather Elijah Behunin, Isaac’s son, was one of the early settlers in what is now Capitol Reef National Park.  His cabin is still located in the park.  My Grandmother was born in that small sandstone cabin. What I am getting to is that historically, my family has been drawn to the remote beauty of Southern Utah.  I sometimes find myself taking it for granted, hence this thought to share:

In the hopes of reaching the moon men fail to see the flowers that blossom at their feet.
Albert Schweitzer

Albert Schweitzer is correct!  Too often we long for what we don’t have, often at the expense of appreciating what we do have!  I sometimes grumble that we drive an hour to go to Costco, or to some of the major stores to shop in St. George, yet I forget that rush hour for us is less than 15 minutes!  Maybe it is time to sit back and really feast on what we do have, and not worry about things we don’t have!


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