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Sunday’s Thoughts and musings…Strawberry Jam..

This morning Darcy and I are enjoying a late breakfast, not quite a brunch just a late breakfast.  For some reason, the strawberry jam that I was enjoying reminded me of my childhood.  Strawberry jam was something that my grandmother always would include with breakfast.  This was something that I always thought that she would do just for me.  It probably wasn’t the case, she had 22 other grandchildren, but I don’t know if any of them liked Grandma’s strawberry jam as much as I did.

I even liked the strawberry jam that she would add rhubarb too, and I am no fan of rhubarb!  The jam that I had this morning was nowhere near as good as Grandma’s, but it did bring back some great memories of some really good times!  Even if it doesn’t compare with my Grandmother’s, strawberry jam is still my favorite jam!


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