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Thankful Thursday….Fraud Alert….

I am thankful today that our parents instilled at least some common sense in Darcy and I.  Today’s scam is an email purportedly from the IRS complete with downloadable forms to be filled out, scanned then emailed back.  The only problem is that the IRS does everything by snail mail!  That and the know that you have “filed” your taxes, not field them. 

The best part is that the returned email link said IRS.gov for the address!  Be careful!  Don’t fall for this crap!  The IRS will mail notices to you, they don’t email them! 

It almost makes me wonder what next weeks scam is going to be! 

Pass it on, we can’t let anyone that we know fall for this garbage!


I really like this car, I wish that it was mine!

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