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Thankful Thursday…Thoughts and ideas…..

I am grateful for Active Rain.  For many months I have had a goal of writing at least 10 blogs a week, every week.  There have been a few months when I didn’t quite achieve that goal, but all in all I have been able to attain it.  There have been days when I have had the ideas for up to 5 posts in one day.  I try to use the draft mode and write them, then publish them to either members only or public views during the week.

With the 31 days of May Challenge, I have tried to be true to that and write a new blog each day.  This is proving more difficult than I had imagined.  I have been able to do it, but it has caused me to really stop and think about what I am writing about.  This is a good thing, anything that causes one to stop and think is a good thing, right?

I know that this blog hasn’t shed any earth shattering millionaire in two minute ideas, but it has caused me to stop and realize that I am grateful for this Challenge.  I am grateful that I have looked at is a challenge of writing everyday, and not one of just posting everyday.  It has caused me to think, and to challenge myself! 

I know that I could take a couple of easy ways out, either writing as I normally do and post to draft, or just using my posts on Facebook, www.facebook.com/365ThingsToDoAroundCedarCity It qualifies, it is all about events going on during the day of the post.  Except my thoughts kept nagging at me, what are you going to learn from doing either?

So the deep wisdom that I am getting from all of this, is accept the challenge of writing everyday.  You might not be able to do it due to time constraints, but I know that I have grown from just the 5th day of writing a daily post, rather than doing a flurry of writing and posting them throughout the week, I would suppose that you would too!  Have a great day!


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