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Thinking of Moving to Cedar City Part III….

I have been enjoying this series of posts.  It seems to make it a lot easier to make up what to write in blogs when you have a series going.  Today I am still going to talk a little about the lifestyle here in Cedar City.  I know that I discussed some of the outdoor things that we have to offer for you to do.  Please don’t think that those are the total of things that you can do outdoors here in the Cedar City Area.

This post is going to deal with some of the other, more cultural things that living in Cedar City offers to its guests and residents alike.  We have a Tony award winning Shakespeare Festival every summer and fall.  The fun thing about the Utah Shakespeare Festival is that besides doing Shakespeare’s plays, they also have Broadway plays running at the same time.  We also host a Neil Simon Festival every summer obviously, this festival focuses on Neil Simon’s works.

We have the Orchestra of Southern Utah or the OSU, they perform often at the Heritage Center Theatre and provide the music for other productions as well as their own concerts.  Having Southern Utah University here provides many, many opportunities to visit Art Exhibits and a plethora of other outstanding cultural events.  We may not be as large as many cities, but we do offer some outstanding opportunities to enjoy the Arts! 

Just this weekend alone we have a Dance Concert and an Art exhibit, featuring the works of the Senior Students in the Fine Arts Department.  We recently hosted an Art Exhibit featuring the Art of the Soviet Union. 

To underscore our commitment to the Arts, plans are underway for a New theatre to house the Utah Shakespeare Festival.  This will be a huge project for a city the size of Cedar City, but it is crucial to making the Utah Shakespeare Festival better and viable for many years to come.


The Heritage Center where many concerts are performed

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