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Thursday’s Thoughts and Musings….

It is late, or early depending on your perspective, I have been thinking about some of the things that I have been reading and seeing lately. I don’t know your communities, but here in ours, tourist season is heating up. This is a good thing for us, the local economy thrives on the money that tourism generates. The side benefit is that many people visit our area, like it and decide that they wish to buy a second home or a retirement home here.

Those are the people that directly fuel our business needs. They indirectly fuel our business needs by creating jobs and bring cash into the local economy allowing the people already living here the opportunity to buy or rent homes here. This is a cycle that has been going on for years, and it does seem to be starting up again this year. It is just the way things work here, sure we have some factories, but in general, our economy is tourism based.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot to offer tourists, we have some of the most beauitiful scenery in the World, right now, The Utah Summer Games are just getting going. This is an Olympic style competition that brings Athletes and participants from all over the area, not just from Utah to showcase their skills. The Official Opening Ceremony is next week, but several of the competitions have already began.

The one thing that Cedar City and Iron County are lacking are Golf Courses, for this we still rely on the Saint George area. We have the Cedar Ridge Golf Course here in Cedar City that is a nice course. Washington County has several wonderful courses, many of which are Public Courses. We do have an extensive ATV trail system, along with hiking and camping.

There are some great fishing areas near by. Brian Head also has some great Mountain Biking trails that will be in full swing once the snow melts. That snow melting condition is going to be in place for any activity that takes place in the high country. Cedar City really is the Gateway to Utah’s National Parks, as well as being a great starting point for Lake Powell and the other recreational opportunities.

We have great restaurants, hotels and other services, so if you’re planning a vacation to Utah’s Canyon Country, National Parks, or any other Southern Utah destination, stop over in Cedar City, you may find yourself staying the night, the week or even a lifetime!


Zion National Park


Cedar Breaks National Monument


Cedar Ridge Golf Course

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