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Tuesday’s Thoughts and Musings…….

Well it is the 31st day of May, and the 31 Days of May challenge is nearly over. I didn’t achieve the sheer number of posts that some write in any given month. I usual write 40 or more posts in any given month, the challenge this time was that instead of writing several posts at one time, save them in draft and post them throughout the week, I wrote a post everyday. Yesterday Darcy and I spent the entire day shooting photographs for a client of the area around St. George.

That was an all day challenge, we started near Zion National Park, visited several golf courses and other places in St. George. Before yesterday, I didn’t realize how exhausting it is to take photographs all day long, especially when you’re trying to get a minimum of 150 shots with about a dozen requested sites and the rest you have to come up with! It was a lot harder than I had thought it would have been.

The best part of it was spending the day with Darcy, I know that we spend a lot of time together by working as a team, but it is different when you’re out of the office. I am amazed at her eye with the camera! She is busy trying to decide which of the over 300 photos that we took that she wants to forward to the client, so I don’t currenty have any of those photos to upload. Anyway, make it a great Tuesday!


A photo of Zion National Park that we took earlier this Spring.

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