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Utah History…Pioneer Day…

The 24th of July is a Holiday in the State of Utah, it is the day that the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847.  After leaving Winter Quarters, Nebraska 111 days earlier.  It is the State’s Founders day, complete with parades, fireworks and other festivities.  It is interesting in that although the main party of pioneers arrived on July 24th, they immediated planted crops and were able to harvest enough from their gardens to get through the following winter.

Salt Lake City was the first area settled, followed by Bountiful, about 5 miles to the north.  Many of their original homes were built with dirt placed on the roofs to keep out the rain and snow.  This would result in having dirt fall through the cracks periodically.  Eventually they made adobe bricks and hauled enough wood from the nearby mountains to build nice, more solid homes. 

Salt Lake City became a launching point for many other communities throughout the State.  Parowan was established in the winter (January 13, 1851), it became a secondary launching point for the Southern Settlements.  My ancestors were amoung these people, including some that were in the first party to enter the Salt Lake Valley in July 1847.  I am amazed at the areas that they have settled.  I have mentioned earlier that one of my ancestors, Isaac Behunin, was the one that named Zion Canyon when they settled there.  Of course Zion Canyon is now Zion National Park.

Anyway, This is a huge part of Utah’s history, at least it’s modern history.


Zion National Park


Another Photo of Zion National Park

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