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Want to Visit Cedar Breaks….

I was just reading an article on the snowpack in the the State of Utah.  The Utah Department of Transportation(UDOT) had an article that appeard on ksl.com saying that there is still as much as 15 to 20 feet of snow across the roads in the high country.  State Road 148 is the access road to Cedar Breaks, they UDOT, is saying that it will be mid June before they will attempt to plow this road.

Part of this decision is budgetary, but the reality is, even if UDOT exhausts it’s budget to plow these roads, you will basically be in a snow tunnel, with no access off of the road, so you would only be able to drive through, in this case from State Road 14 to State Road 143, and not be able to get into the parkinng areas inside of the Park.  I write this to give you an advance warning, although UDOT normally tries to get the road to Cedar Breaks open by Memmorial Day, it won’t happen this year!


Cedar Breaks

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