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Wednesday Warning…Fraud….

I got busy yesterday after I recieved this call from a male saying that he worked in the courthouse and I had not responded to a summons for jury duty.  I knew at the time that there had been some warnings from others about this type of thing.  I really didn’t expect it would happen in our little county.  Anyway, the male caller with a slight accent told me that he needed to verify my information with me.

At this point of the conversation I told the caller that I work at Police Dispatch, at that point the phone call got dropped, I didn’t get a chance to tell the caller that in our county, another summons is mailed, if you don’t answer that one of the deputies will knock on the door and hand deliver the summons to you.

The best part of it is, that the deputies don’t even want to know your Social Security number nor anything else that can be used to steal your identity.  I only wish that he would have stayed on the call long enough for me to tell him these vital facts!  Now I am shouting to all that will listen on the internet, don’t give these criminals an inch, just tell them, Okay, YOU will call the courthouse to verify that a jury duty summons was sent to you. 


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