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Wednesday With Some Words…Beauty….

We have all heard that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  That is just the way that life works, some things that I find extremely beautiful or fun, Darcy thinks that they’re boring.  If you really want to see the widening of tastes, take a teenager out for an activity that you think is fun, or a place that you find interesting or beautiful and see how long before you hear the words, “when are we leaving?”

It is true not just in activities or personal likes, what I would call breathtaking, I have heard called desolate and bare more than once.  Here is an example:


I have never had anyone here on the ‘Rain comment that this area was anything but beautiful, but I have heard it called the ugly desert.  Which is sad, because to me, It doesn’t get any better than this, different yes, better no way!

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