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Wednesday’s Thoughts…..

As a lifelong Baseball fan I am watching with more than a little interest in Derek Jeter’s quest to 3000 hits.  He is currently 4 hits shy of attaining that mark.  I know that there are many out there that hate the Yankees, but I find it hard to hate players regardless of what team they play on.  You can tell that I am not from Boston!  I respect the achievements of great players. 

So I have to respect the acheivements of greatness regardless of which team they play for.  Ted Williams may have been the greatest hitter of all time, Honus Wagner is also included in that discussion.  Pete Rose has the most hits of all time, Cy Young the most wins.  Ty Cobb held the hits record for decades and was one of the most hated men ever to play baseball. 

The Yankees have had several of the All time great players, Babe Ruth hit 714 homeruns in the Major Leagues, he also won 94 games as a pitcher in the Major Leagues.  Hank Aaron may have been the most complete player ever to play the game, Willie Mays may have been the most fun to watch.  When Barry Bonds either comes clean about steroids or is proven innocent, I will have to tip my hat to him.  I respect the fact that he has hit more homeruns than anyother person in Major League History.

The point to the achievements that I have mentioned is that they are based on a body of work, some nearly 20 seasons in the making.  The point that relates to real estate for me is that like baseball, real estate isn’t a sprint but nearer a marathon.  Those in Baseball who achieve immortality do it over prolonged periods of time, not just in a single season.  Real Estate is like that, many deals feel like they take 6 months to complete, which is the length of the baseball season. 

True success in this business comes from a lifetime of work, not one or two great years!


Baseball….America’s pasttime!  An empty Scotsdale Stadium

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