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What was Old is New again……

One of the fixtures in the historic downtown area of Cedar City is getting another lease on life.  The old Cedar Twin Theater has been purchased and is in the process of being made ready to re-open later this Spring.  The Pulsipher brothers, Kyle and Kolby are the new owners and are working to get the old gem polished up.

The idea is to make this a theater for 2nd run movies.  The Pulsipher brothers are also sensitive to the costs of taking a family to the movies, while the entire price structure and other details are still being finalized, the initial prices that are being consider are $3 to $4 per ticket.

The Cedar Twin has been a fixture on Main Street since 1914, it has set unused since 2005 when it closed its doors. This is such great news, with all of the fun shops and things on Main Street, it has missed the presence of the theater!  This is such a great re-addition to our community!


Cedar City Hall

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