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Active Rain/DocuSign Contest What I am Thankful For……

I don’t often do the contests here at Active Rain, yesterday Darcy read me the blog post on Active Rain.   I have much to be thankful for, I was born into a home with good parents who loved, supported and encouraged me to learn and work to be the best that I can be.  I am not sure that there is a definition of the idyllic childhood, I think that it’s definition can change from person to person.

I was blessed to have an older brother, Tom, and two sisters, Jacki and Lori who are still some of my best friends.  In Tom, I had the older brother to look up to, he set the bar fairly high in his way. There were no widows who mowed their lawns, shoveled their snow or any other obvious thing when Tom was growing up. 

Jacki was the rebel in the family, yet she has always been the one with a heart of gold.  No stray animal ever walked past Jacki, she would scoop it up and it became hers.  Her constant prodding had me walking at the ripe old age of 8 months. 

Jacki was a natural and gifted athlete until a horrific car accident robbed her of her wonderful natural co ordination.  She also has the strongest will that I have ever seen.  My parents were told that the car accident that she was injured in would cause her to never walk again without crutches of some sort.  She walked two weeks after being released from the hospital. 

Lori was the youngest, and is honestly one of the most dependable people anyone would ever meet.  She is the type of person that once she realizes that she can do something, she just does it.  She is also without guile, that isn’t something that would be easy for most children, especially with the siblings that she grew up with.

We are orphans now, my father passed away ironically 24 years ago today.  My mother passed away 8 years ago.  I recognize well that this life can be a fleeting thing, and I am grateful for those who have passed through my life.  As important as my parents and siblings were in molding the person that I am, the thing that I am most grateful for is the love of my life, Darcy.

My life as idyllic as it was prior to meeting Darcy, is so richly improved since I met her.  I was lucky, I met Darcy after I had the chance to grow up, I was around a month shy of my 34th birthday when we met.  It seems like yesterday!  Every good thing that I have had or done in the last 14 years includes Darcy!  Before I met Darcy, I understood how it was possible to be in a room full of friends and still feel alone!  I haven’t felt alone since I met her.

I may never have enough command of the English Language to properly express how grateful I am for Darcy!  I know that I can’t even come close at this point in my life, she is the most important person that I know!   It amazes me the talents and joy that she has brought into my life.  She must really be a Saint, she puts up with me! 

“This post is a submission to the DocuSign/ActiveRain Thankful Contest. It’s possible I will win a prize for writing this post. You could win a prize too by going to the Contest Announcement and sharing your own story”


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