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Anticipation…How long do you wait??

I have put off writing this post, I didn’t want to jinx the closing.  We had a closing yesterday that was over 2 years in the making!  This isn’t even a short sale!  Our buyers are a young couple that took a long time finding something that they qualified for.  Thanks to the USDA program we found them a really cute twin home.  It was an REO, but one that had not been damaged by it’s previous owners.

The USDA program is one that we are using a lot in our area, it is really helping buyers get into homes.  Anyway, to say that we are overjoyed to finally get this nice couple into a home of their own is a huge understatement!  They are so excited that it makes everything worthwhile, and reminds me of why I really love this industry!

I know that many coaches would tell us to stop working with clients after so many months, but honestly it was mostly a drip email campaign and an occasional phone call until something came on the market in their price range, it wasn’t like we showed them a dozen homes a week for over two years, we showed them homes that would come on the market, but so many of them were in such bad shape that there was no way they could buy and fix them up. 

I don’t know how many homes that we showed them, it wasn’t that many.  The point that I am making is that because we maintained contact and continued to send them emails and contact them, they have been some of the most loyal clients that we have had! 

I have taken a long time to get to the point, sometimes we get to the point that we give up on people, when we really shouldn’t!  How long before you move on with someone like this?


If you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Cedar City, Utah; please give us a call.  We would love to earn your business!

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