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Back to Work Wednesday…..

Darcy and I got back from California yesterday evening.  It was a great time, I wasn’t thrilled with the traffic, but everything outside of the traffic was just great.  We had a blast!  The game was great, and I will be honest, I expected upper level seats. (Darcy won the tickets on a twitter contest), instead they were field level down the Right Field Line.  My seat lined up perfectly the First Base bag and the Pitcher’s Mound. 

Just a couple of hints, if you’re driving between Las Vegas and Los Angeles on a Sunday, do it early!  It really gets congested in the evening, like it was when we went this time.  The other fun hint, rather than route yourself on the Freeways once in Los Angeles, tell your GPS or in our case our cell phone to take surface streets.  The shame was that we didn’t take our camera, but we went through, Hollywood, Korea Town, Chinatown, Historic Phillipino town, little Bangladesh, and the Fashion District.  It was fun to see parts of Los Angeles thay we would have missed otherwise.

It probably didn’t hurt that we were driving around during the afternoon, but like I said it was a lot of fun.  Glad to be home, but a lot of fun.  Tip #2 if the Nuclear Waste Transport has announced they are moving waste, find another route.  It took us over an hour and a half to go 10 miles on Interstate 15 at 2 AM! 


The was our outfield View


Hunter Pence at bat.

I wish now that we would have taken the camera in to the game.  We have a 55 to 200mm Zoom lens that really would have captured the action!


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