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Bountiful Market Review for the Past 90 Days…..

Like we have done in the other cities which we have written real estate market reviews for, the purpose of these reviews are to allow people to see what is going on in the real estate market for in this case, Bountiful.  These reviews have only been prepared for single family homes, in this particular review we will focus on just the homes that have sold in the past 90 days.

There were 96 single family homes sell in Bountiful in the past 90 days.  The home that was the lowest priced home to sell, sold for $114,460.  The home that sold in the past 90 days with the highest price, sold for $1,459,000.  The average sales price for homes which sold in the past 90 days was $268,983.  Which shows that homes in the lower price range dominated the sales in the past 90 days.

The median days on market is also down to 34 days, down 3 days from the 1 year totals.  This still is an amazing number!  It really does show that there is really not a lot of time for indecision to purchase a home in the Bountiful city limits.  Another factor to consider when purchasing your home in Bountiful is realize that you may well find yourself in a multiple offer situation.

What that means is that because there are so many people looking to purchase a home with interest rates being so low, that a person selling a home may receive several offers to purchase that home on any given day.  These are the situations which can occur in a market where the average days on market are low.  Situations like this along with all of the other little things can that happen, are why it is so important to work with an experienced, competent Realtor!


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