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Cedar City Real Estate Thoughts…..

In working in the Cedar City Real Estate Market, I am glad that at ERA Realty Center, we have a broker who is dedicated to getting us the best training available.  We all go through a new agent training program that he has designed.

That and together  with the other ERA brokers in the state of Utah, they combine to have a training that all of the ERA agents can participate in at no cost to us.  That have brought in trainers such as Daryl Davis, and on top of that, often our broker  will even buy our lunch for attending these trainings.

This has created an atmosphere of co-operation among the agents within the office.  You can ask any of the top producers in the office a question, and as long as it doesn’t cut into their own marketing plan, they are glad to help.  An off shoot of this co-operation is for an hour every Tuesday we have a “Tech Tuesday”.

No one in our office has been trained as an IT director nor a computer programmer, but we have a varying level of expertise with social networking, blogging, web sites etc..  So we get together and share that knowledge with each other.  The idea is that we want to be the best trained, most competent office in Cedar City.

This helps our clients know that we are doing our very best to get better at reaching out to their needs, and marketing their properties so that the highest number of buyers will see those properties and contact us to get those properties sold.  At ERA Realty Center, we are the leaders in the Cedar City Real Estate Market!

Give us a call, we would love to earn your business!  This isn’t just a slogan, but a statement to you that we will do everything we can to earn your business and look out for your needs in the real estate market!



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