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Columbus Day Thoughts….

Tomorrow is one of those Holidays that often gets overlooked.  Sure the event that we are celebrating happened a long time ago, but it has effected all of our lives, at least all of our lives in the Western Hemisphere.  Columbus was another of those people that chose to walk the road less travelled.  He did so hoping to attain wealth, something that he didn’t really attain in his lifetime, but untold wealth has been generated because of his courage. 

Was Columbus the first to cross the Atlantic?  No, there is ample evidence that the Vikings had crossed several hundred years prior to Columbus.  What Columbus did was share his discovery with the known World.  This is a great example to all of us, rather than taking the safe, well travelled road, he sailed into uncharted waters and found the New World.  We could be like Columbus and use our judgement to believe that the road less travelled is the better way to go.

I could use the Robert Frost poem, but I am not going to.  The Holiday it’s self should be enough inspiration, it is okay to challenge the status quo and try new things.  Who knows? We may just find a whole new World for ourselves!


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