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Eat Some Chocolate……

We got a little reminder from one of the great Home Inspectors here in Southern Utah yesterday.  It was his regular newsletter with a Nestles Crunch Bar, on the back of the bar he had pasted a label that said: “Always put eat some chocolate at the top of your “To Do List”.  That way you can always say that you accomplished something!

I think that there is some wisdom in that, not just because I love chocolate!  Rather, most humans build their self esteem and confidence through accomplishing something.  I am not advocating going out and eating some chocolate every day, rather making sure to set your priorities each day and work your way through them during the day.  By the way, if you so desire, I really haven’t discouraged the daily consumption of chocolate!

Break your goals down into daily tasks, then prioritize each of those tasks, then check them off each day.  The same task may be a daily thing, something like contacting xx number of people to set xx number of appointments.  Some may be a weekly thing, send out mailers to your sphere of influence.  There may even be monthly things, send out e-newsletters and snail mail newsletters.

My point is this, as you accomplish more, your confidence and abilty to do more will both increase.  At the end of the day, week or month, whenever you do your evaluations, you will have a record of what you have accomplished.  Just something that I have found works for me!  Have a Great Weekend!


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