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Fifty Years Ago Today…

Fifty years ago today construction began on the Berlin Wall.  For the majority of my younger life I believed that Wall would stand until long after I was gone.  The wall has now taken on an almost a symbolic meaning at least for me.  I believed that the wall stood for everything that was bad in the World, hate, ignorance intolerance you name it.  That was what the Wall meant to me.

I believe that many of us construct walls in our lives.  Maybe some of them are beneficial, I do believe that many are not.  Some we construct ignorantly without any forethought or planning.  Those are the easiest to break down, usually it only takes becoming aware of the wall’s existence, but sometimes it can take something more like education to break it down.

It is the walls that we intentionally put up that, like the Berlin Wall, take great effort to tear down.  This effort almost always will begin with education, but often take the hard things like discipline, desire and hard work.  Even with these tools, the task of tearing down those walls can be difficult.  The walls could be applied to all aspects of our lives, but I am talking about those that impede us in our businesses.  Walls like laziness, apathy and inflexibility come to mind.

Laziness is easy to identify.  To tear down that wall usually just takes a burning desire to improve and ato make better use of your time.  It takes coming to the realization that being busy isn’t the same as being productive.  It is the wall that goes away with action, there is a great power in doing something, there is an even greater power in doing something productive.  The greatest power is in doing the most productive thing most of the time.

Apathy is a little more difficult, it takes coming to the realization that you have lost your desire.  It also takes having more vision and desire to learn to care again.  Regardless of what it is that you care about, you need to rekindle those feelings and to redirect those emotions into overcoming the feelings of apathy that you may be feeling.  This is one of the deadly walls in our profession, if you can’t tear down this wall, you won’t have the desire to continue and will ultimately need to find some other profession.  If you don’t care, it doesn’t matter what else you do, you will not be able to succeed.

Inflexibility is another of the career killing walls.  Don’t get me wrong, in matters of ethics, honesty,dependability and customer service you have to be inflexibile!  In other areas such as technology, reaching out to clients, and meeting the clients expectations, if you’re inflexibile, you will be out of business. You will be replaced by someone who was willing to change, embrace technology and is striving to meet the clients expectations.  Whether it is something as simple as a text message, a web site, or a profile on a social network.  You need to be communication how the client is communicating! You need to meet the client’s expectations!

These are just some of the thoughts that I have had as I pondered the anniversity of the Berlin Wall.  Let me know what you think about it!


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