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Friday’s Thought…Who Do You Look Up To???

Yesterday Darcy and I were up in Beaver County taking pictures for a BPO, we got a few other photographs to share in blogs.  We came across a tree truck and root ball that had long since died and had been removed from the ground.  It was lying behind a fence in a yard with some other stuff.  This had once been a mighty large tree, yet now dead, the bark removed, bleaching in the sun rays.

Once it had provided much needed shade from those very rays that are now bleaching it white.  What happened?  I don’t know, I am not an arborist and don’t know much about trees and the things that kill them.  I do know that it is possible to suffer the same type of end if we don’t continue to grow and improve.  I came across a quote yesterday, that really started my thoughts along this path. 

“People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher or better than themselves.”~ Tryon Edwards

I do believe that we can easily become like that tree, although once mighty against the sun, wind and storms of life can also be overtaken by those storms.  We need to be constantly improving in many aspects of our lives.  I marvelled at Darcy’s Grandparents, Chet and Dorothy, once they retired they learned how to paint, after that they learned needle point, then and I hope that I spell this correctly Buka or Japanese needle point.

My point is, in business and in life we need to be continually learning and improving, or else to one extent or another, we will die much like this tree.


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