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Goodbye Steve and Al…..

Steve Jobs and Al Davis both died somewhat unexpectedly this week.  Sure Al was in his 80’s and Steve was suffering from cancer, but it was shocking to lose two Maverick Pioneers in the same week.  Steve Jobs arguably changed our lives forever with the inventions that he brought into our lives. 

He changed not only the computing industry, but the music industry as well.  I really believe his true genious was in marketing.  He convinced us not just to buy his products, but he convinced us that we absolutely needed to have his products even if we had products that were perfectly fine.  The I phone is a classic example, many of us had great phones with our Blackberries, and other phones, once the I phone came along those other phones were just nowhere near good enough!

I know that there are few people in American Sports as galvanizing as Al Davis.  Love him or hate him, he was entertaining at the very least.  For many years of my youth the then Oakland Raiders were the most successful team in the NFL as far as winning percentage goes.  He also won 3 Superbowls between Oakland and Los Angeles.  His matra of “just win baby” permeated our lives and became the buzz word in sports.  He didn’t care what you did offf the grid iron, just as long as you performed well on the field.

He also had the audacity to sue the NFL not once but 3 times, he was not afraid to challenge the status quo and make things better for himself and his team.  It was a week of great losses, Steve and Al, we will miss you!


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