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Great Movie…Soul Surfer…..

Darcy and I sneaked out yesterday afternoon and watched the movie Soul Surfer.  It is a great movie, with a really great message!  It is a message about hope and overcoming, but it is also as applicable to business as it is to life in general.  Many of you know the story, it is based in fact, a 13 year old girl who is a competitive surfer lost an arm in a shark attack.

The story is about how she overcame that obstacle to continue with her life, and compete as a professional surfer.  I found several things that were applicable in the business field.

1. Find what you love to do, then do it with passion!  This amazing young woman knew from a child that she wanted to be a surfer, many times in the movie she talks about not knowing what she would do if she wasn’t able to be in the water!  She talked about how blessed she was to be able to surf everyday, she loved it that much!

2. Setbacks happen, deal with them and move on.  We may never face as large of a set back as she did by losing her arm, but we still need to deal with it and move on.  She did what she needed to do to survive initially, then she dealt with the situation, and moved on.

3. Don’t ask for preferential treatment.  In the movie the girl got mad at her friend who got angry with another surfer that treated her as she did before she lost her arm.  In fact, she thanked that girl for making her compete as she had prior to the injury.

4. She worked at her craft, improving her skills.  She worked hard to strengthen her arm and and body to be able to compete.  She had to re learn balance, foot work, even paddling her board out.  We need to continue to improve our skill set continually, what worked 5 years ago won’t work today.

5. Improvise when necessary.  I don’t want to give anything about the movie away, but when you need to, improvise.  Know yourself and your competition well enough that when things aren’t working, you can ethically improvise and move forward. (This is a point in the movie that you will recognize immediately.)

6.  Hold on to your loved ones.  You’re going to need their support and strength when times get tough.  Remember, it’s okay to ask for help or suggestions. 

7. Give back.  Again, without giving anything in the movie away, it is important to give back to others and not be selfish.  This is another point in the movie that you will immediately recognize.

8. Keep the faith.  It was her faith in God, along with the faith of her family that led to the remarkable optimism that allowed her to overcome.  Along with that, keep faith in yourself.

9. Have fun.  She thouroughly enjoyed getting out and working to be better.  She enjoyed people also.

10. Understand your place in the scheme of things.  This is another key point in the movie that you will recognize when you watch it.  We’re all a part of humanity, a community, and a family.  We should act like that!

This is an amazing movie, one that can be enjoyed by anyone.  Even me, who thought that I was just going to another chick flick!  It’s message is universal, and timeless!  Go see it, you will see what I mean!



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