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Life and Business Lessons that I Learned by Reading Louis L’Amour


I love reading anything by Louis L’Amour, he is of course a Western Novelist, possibly the most successful Western Novelist of all time.  One of the great things about Louis L’Amour, is his novels had a set of values to them.  All of his stories were the classic good versus evil, but there were many other lessons included.


Some of these values have been called a “Cowboy Code”, but they’re not exclusive to Cowboys or the American West.  The first value that I wanted to write about is found throughout his books. 


That is the value of hard work, nearly all of his heroes boasted the physical attributes of having a narrow waist and broad shoulders, developed from years of swing an axe or sledge hammer.


The value goes beyond just working hard, it was giving your absolute best effort that you had available.  There was an underlying idea throughout his novels that you worked as hard as you could with the best effort that you could muster from sun rise to sun set. 


This was one of the attributes that made the characters heroic, the fact that they worked hard to earn everything that they had.  It was more than just working hard, all of his heroes were clear headed thinkers, not just working hard, but maximizing their efforts to attain the best possible outcome!


It wasn’t just the underlying value of working hard, it was the value or axiom that any job worth doing, was worth doing right.  Hard work was a major quality in the character in Louis L’Amour’s heroes.


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