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Life and Business Lessons that I Learned from Reading Louis L’Amour…Duty…


This was one of the more difficult themes of Louis L’Amour’s novels to put under one title.  Louis L’Amour’s hero characters and their sidekicks all have it embedded into their character that if they have a skill at something, it is up to them to use that skill to help and protect other people who are deficient in that skill.

Many of the traits that I have posted about seem very similar.  They should be.  They are all a part of one’s character, they should become who we are and why we do the things that we do.  It is also the manner in which we do things, to the best of our ability, we do the right things.  When we make a mistake, we own it.  We make amends and move on


In the novel “Conagher” the hero while passing past a small ranch, with a widow and some children, teaches the young son to pitch and overlap a roof and do other things that were lacking on the ranch.  The easy thing would have been just to have done them, by teaching the boy, he gave him the ability to help his mother after Conagher had left.


This is the mentoring that we as Realtors do as we conduct our business.  We teach clients the process of what is going to happen.  We teach sellers how to get their homes ready to sell.  We also teach our colleagues the correct way to handle things like paperwork, disclosures, and in some cases how to negotiate a successful transaction.

In almost, if not all, of his novels, he has his main character use his ability to fight, (whether it was with is his fists, or his guns) to right the wrong, usually on behalf of someone else.  I will not argue that there is a formula to his novel, but he is a wonderful story teller, and does a great job of drawing the reader in.


This trait is what our career (as Realtors) is all about.  Our chief advantage is our skills and knowledge.  Our clients come to us for that advantage, it is up to us to use it when we represent our clients.  It is up to us to use that knowledge and skill so that our clients come out ahead.  We use those skills to fight for our client’s interest.  We protect them from the pitfalls that may fall, (again to the best of our ability).



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